New Redhat Beta – Phoebe

Well, Redhat has released another beta, codenamed phoebe. It doesn’t look a whole lot(any) different than the 8.0 release.

I got it installed and up and running with no issue’s. Happy to report that all my hardware worked the first time. That includes my wheelmouse, soundcard, printer, and video card. That was a pleasant suprise! (Please no comments on how all that stuff can be configured to work after the install, if linux is ever going to appeal to the masses, all that stuff has to work on first boot.) Alright, back to the point. Like I said the interface(Blue-Curve) looks the same as 8.0, no real surprises there.

After looking around a little while I enable a few additional services; httpd, mysql, imap, named, and also switched MTA to postfix and rebooted. And that was it. It never booted up successful again. Basically during the bootup process something goes wierd and the screen just starts scrolling unreadable text very fast.

I took some screenshots but only uploaded one before I rebooted the computer, so the rest I’m just writing off. You can see the one here:

I don’t plan to reload it and try again, I’ll just wait for the next beta!