Back at it!

Two major accomplishments took place yesterday.

First, I started coding again on a project I started along time ago. It’s a project I refuse to let die, because it is such a great idea. When the time comes I’ll be looking for some help in the HTML and graphics design of the site, as those are not my strong points.

Secondly, I started on the basement project again last night. It wasn’t much, but it felt good to see something happening. I hung an interior door on what will be a closet. That was the first time I ever hung a door, and again I see where my framing skills need more work. But all in all I think it turned out allright.

This weekend I’m going to actually start to tackle the taping and mudding og the drywall in the closet. I’ll have to watch my Hometime videos again for a refresher course. Keep an eye on the webcam this weekend(Mostly in the evening), as I should be there a lot.