Well, got my new laptop.

I’ve been wanting a laptop for quite awhile, and after a long wait I finally got one. It’s not the one I originally wanted(IBM stinkpad), but it’s still fairly decent. I ended up getting a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000. The main feature I wanted that this laptop doesn’t have was intergrated Wi-Fi. It’s a 1 Ghz P3 with a 14.1″ screen and 30gig drive. I’ve already added an additional 512mb RAM for a whopping total of 784mb!!! I’ve also already redone the operating system. I hate all the crap that comes preinstalled on computers.

I tried to do a dual boot system following some instructions that I came accross on the net so I could run XP and RedHat. But after I finished installing RedHat, Grub didn’t recognize the XP partition like the instructions said it would. So I just did a complete XP install. I might pick up a second hard drive and just boot to that when I want to work in Linux.

Speaking of Linux, I just got done installing beta 2 of the latest Redhat beta, and I must say it looks pretty good. The install was perfect. KDE 3 looks pretty nice also. And I love the Konquerer browser. Other than that I haven’t really dug too deep into yet.